Water treatment plants, Water purification and recovery plants

Water treatment plants,
Water purification and recovery plants

Pentacque is a company with thirty years of experience which operates mainly in the industrial sector for the design and supply of plants for the treatment of primary water, wastewater or recycling processes.

Pentacque has thirty years of experience and has built many purification plants, our water treatment plants take advantage of  the use of the best technologies, realizing highly efficient and performing purification plants.

Our water purification plants are diversified according to the technical needs detected, our technical offices are able to advise and build water treatment plants that share the functionality, and the right economic cost to achieve the correct purification treatment.


Water purification plant design

Water purification plants assistance

Water analysis – purification plants

Remote plant management – purification plant control

Zero discharge plants – recycling of purified water

Restructuring of water purification plants

Chemical products for water purification plants

Testing plants for water purification

Pilot plants for water treatment

The design of water treatment plants also pays attention to running costs, providing depuration plants with fair costs.

Our customers can count on a punctual service of programmed technical assistance after sales, our water treatment plants are maintained efficiently also through the continuous advice that our technicians transmit to the customer realizing a guarantee of plant performance contributing to establish and insure a certainty of the current limits of wastewater.

Our structure also includes a5n analysis laboratory used for the development and the research of plant solutions, this allows us to create water treatment plants tailored to the customer’s needs, creating the necessary technical certainties and creating compliant and functional wastewater treatment plants.

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