Nuclear resin plants for ultrapure water production

Ultrapure water production – nuclear resin plants

This type of ultra-pure water resins systems find application in the pharmaceutical sector, in the semiconductor industry or where it is necessary to have water with very high purity characteristics.

The feed water of an ultra-pure water resin production plant is normally preceded by other types of plants that eliminate the coarse part of the salinity present in the water to be treated.

The most used plants to realize this pre-treatment are, ion exchange resin demineralization plants, reverse osmosis plant, and electro deionization.

These plants significantly reduce the salts dissolved in the water and the nuclear resin plant eliminates the remaining salts.

Ultrapure water contains by definition only water, H+ ions, and OH- in complete balance.

The conductivity of ultrapure water is 0.0045 uS/cm.

Ultrapure water is also used in clinical and microbiological analysis, most of the use is for sample preparation to perform analysis of parameters such as metals and generic ions.

The ultrapure water produced with resin systems is divided into types such as: Type I Type II Type III Type IV, the subdivision of ultrapure water is also by grade, Grade I Grade II and Grade III.

The major differences in the above classification is in the maximum tolerated presence of a range of organic and chemical substances in ultrapure water, indicated by international bodies or organizations, Grade I or Type I are the classification with a higher degree of water purity.

Pentacque manufactures fully automatic ultrapure water production plants for a wide variety of industrial sectors, we also use nuclear type resins that are high performance with high cyclicals.

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